house huntin'

wish me luck this weekend on my search for an apartment in an ok neighborhood that has hardwood floors and a washing machine!!!! or maybe i'll just plunk down the $2,595,000 and buy the historic gingerbread house.


with all of these big changes coming up, i've been thinking about the future A LOT lately. and what better way to help figure out your future than by playing a good ole game of M.A.S.H. i must say that my future looks pretty good!

only 100?

tomorrow i'm flying down to savannah again to check out places to live. hopefully i'll be able to find a house that's not too teeny and still within my budget {ugh, a budget}. in order to make moving a lot easier i've begun purging my current collection of crap. i've got 6+ garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, tchotchkes, board games, books, records, etc etc...sitting around just waiting for the upcoming punk rock flea market to sell off. i'm selling my kitchen chairs and bedroom set on craigslist and i just really want to move as lite as possible. apparently david bruno is trying to whittle his stuff down too, to just 100 things. however, he's not counting; shared family furniture, books, memorabilia and other collectible and i think that that sounds a bit like cheating, but hey, it's his challenge. as for me, i'd like to get my 'stuff' down to less than the amount of one small uhaul and i'll be happy. my advice for getting rid of things: do it when you're in a semi-crazy non-sentimental mood and put it in the bag and never look back!

{found via swissmiss}

hair today...

tonight i'm finally gonna do it. i'm getting my hair cut. i'm a short haired girl at heart and ever since i was 16 and paid my sister $3 to drive me to the mall to get my long wavy {aka frizzy} locks all chopped off, having short hair just felt right for me. the past two years i've been growing my hair out as an experiment, just to see if, after almost 10 years of being a short haired gal, long hair would be a good thing for me. and i can tell you, it probably isn't. sometimes i do think that it looks alright, but it still feels funny to me. so in a few hours my 10" pony tail will be sitting in a zip lock bag waiting to be mailed in to locks of love, and i'll be riding my bike home feeling a lot lighter. i'm glad that i gave it a try, and someday i might go for it again, but as for now give me a jean seberg or give me death!



saarinen slideshow.

slate has a nice slide show about some of eero saarinen's 'forgotten' works. it's a nice short read.

good health.

good magazine has this great chart that breaks down common house hold toxins and the plants that you can keep to help reduce your exposure to them.

most common toxins:
effects include headache and dizziness and long-term damage to the liver and kidneys.
very common indoor pollutant. causes headaches, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. classified as a possible human carcinogen by the EPA.
can cause drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, and unconsciousness; has a pleasant smell, which is why it used to be a common ingredient in aftershave.

plants that help:
peace lily
spider plant

it's a great way to spruce up your place and keep yourself healthy at the same time. {click on the graph to see it full size}

pig in boots.

this lil guy, named cinders, has quite a fear of mud, so his owner supplied him with his own pair{s} of wellies. too cute!

your house.

artist olafur eliasson created the book your house; a laser-cut paper rendering of his house in 85:1 scale encompassing 454 pages. he's got a big show up at moma and ps1 right now, although i don't know if this book is included, if not it should be!


r.i.p. petal.

petal, at age 52, was the oldest african elephant in an american zoo and a resident of the philadelphia zoo for more than a half-century. she died yesterday, causes un-known.

{image via shorpy}


i'm having kind of a crappy day and i really just want to be at home sitting next to the fan, drinking peach lemonade and watching privlege. it's one of my favorite movies of all time, but unfortunately it was never officially released on the home market. sometimes you can find bootlegs of it on ebay, that's where i got mine. it's the best film about a mod pop singer utilized by the government to control the masses through conversion to christianity. paul jones as steven shorter is amazing and makes the best 'i hate my life' puke-faces, jean shrimpton is wonderful and demure and has perfect hair, and you'll never see a more entertaining commercial for apples in all of your entire life!!

like it or not.

wow. handstitched music video for architecture in helsinki.


art 21.

if you don't have cable like me sometimes you have to make the best of the 4 channels that you do get. thank god for pbs. they have this series called art 21 which focuses exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the US. it's pretty amazing and chocked full of information. one of my favorite artists shown on the show is vija celmins. i saw her rock paintings at the moma a few years ago and have been following her work ever since.

one set of those rocks are natural and one set is completely fabricated and it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two. much of her work revolves around recreating the natural world in all of it's imperfect detail. the following image is a wood engraving, which as a printmaker totally blows my mind. i always tend to feel rushed when working on a piece, but her attention and patience really shines through, must be why she recently won the carnegie prize. you can watch clips from the show on youtube and i highly recommend it!

summer lovin'

i think that it is entirely possible that i could live in this dress all summer. it's so perfect.

{by valerie dumaine via luxe label}