slip inside this house.

i need to set aside about a million hours so that i can get to work on realizing my dream of having a pair of fully embroidered hippie shorts.


them youthful hardships.

some good words of advice from bugs.

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i remember hating this song was i was little, but now i think that it's awesome.



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face lifts. {giveaway}

just in time for my birthday {tomorrow!}, i'm giving away a fancy-schmancy face lift, err, i mean advanced face firming activator! actual face lifts seem so scary {surgery!}, so it seems best just to be healthy and smart and nip it in the bud while i'm still {mostly} young! leave a comment here about why you might need a non-surgical miracle like this and maybe something nice about getting older {please}. the winner will be chosen randomly friday september 18th!

{an aged
leighton meester
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small wonder.

flying kites with my dad and sister, 1984.


black or white.

it is or it isn't.

{photographs by
helga steppan

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summer is nearly over and i just keep sitting inside watching movie after movie after movie.