stitch it.

with microRevolt's knitPro this pascal bernier still life:

becomes this:

a printable .pdf that's numbered and ready for cross-stitching! they also have uploaders for knits as well and a blog full of cool ideas for knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching as well as "new media". great resource for subversive crafters!

a little friday morning zen.

andy warhol eating a hamburger. by jørgen leth, 1982.


funny money.

some suggestions from flickr user joe d! on what to do with that 600$ from the government.

marcel dzama.

in 2001, while doing research for a school paper, i came across the work of marcel dzama and became instantly obsessed {then i discovered just how darn cute he was and became even more obsessed.} since then i've started collecting many things marcel; magazine clippings, the sad ghost salt and pepper shakers {i have salt, alex has pepper in a neo 'b.f.f. necklace' style trade}, a first edition of the berlin years, an original drawing {a prized possession and the first piece of art i paid over 50$ for}, and once i, more or less, flew to london just for one of his openings. yeah, i'm a weirdo. but now i'm a weirdo who is selling some marcel dzama memorabilia on ebay. so please check it out, tell your friends and make some bids! thanks.


be still my heart.

uugggghhh. if you live in the philadelphia area and want to buy me {or yourself} a present please pick up these chairs listed on craigslist. $350 for one. $700 for two. $1,400 for four. oh oh i'm dying, this is my favorite color!

stumbled upon a horse.

yesterday, on advice of my friend stefan, i signed up for stumble upon, and even after just one day it has proven fruitful! the of the first pages it loaded for me was about a solar powered kinetic horse sculpture kit, and boy do they have me pegged, because those are pretty much all of the coolest things. to make the horse all you need is a printer, 160gsm paper {card stock}, scissors, a ruler, glue and a set of pliers - everything else comes in the kit. it's just like having your our little theo jansen! i just got my "economic stimulus package" yesterday and i already bought a shirt, but this might be my next purchase and then the rest goes into savings. hopefully.


song from jo.

so i know that everyone's been going coo-coo bananas for zooey deschanel's music project - she and him, but i think that i like scarlett johansson's new album, anywhere i lay my head, a bit better. it'll be officially released on may 20th, but of course it's pretty much already all over the internet. it's mostly covers of tom waits songs {with one original, song for jo} and while i pretty much can't stand to listen to tom waits for more than about 15 seconds {sorry}, these versions are so good. they have a very 4AD/this mortal coil sort of feel that i'm really into. plus david bowie guests on a few tracks as well. can't go wrong!


i really love this photo of kate moss at 15. it's from noted fashion photographer corinne day's series of black & white photographs of her for british magazine the face in 1990 and went on to kick-start her career.

by it's cover.

while in savannah we stopped in to check out the book lady, a nice little, jam-packed, used book store. they had tons of early 1960's editions of penguin books. maybe the penguin collectors society should take a field-trip.


happy birthday chanel no. 5!

while i'm on a birthday roll here, i might as well wish chanel no. 5 a happy 87th birthday. it was introduced on may 5th, 1921.

happy birthday elizabeth!

well i suppose that if i'm going to wish happy birthday to a stranger i should sure-as-heck also wish it to my own sister! today is her 28th birthday and i hope that she gets to eat lots of cake and ice cream! here we are in 1985 looking mega cute and waiting to see santa.

and here she is with her not so lady-like dog, blue who is so nice and low to the ground and makes me laugh every time i see her.

happy birthday lizardbreath!

happy birthday keith haring!

yesterday would have been keith haring's 50th birthday and in honor of his life and work the keith haring foundation, goldman properties and deitch projects unveiled a reproduction of his famous houston street and bowery mural in downtown nyc. painted in the summer of 1982, the original mural was up for only a few months during the summer before it was painted over. the mural is being repainted using the extensive photographic documentation of the original work and will remain up until the end of the year.

i'm back!

whoa. what a week! the trip down to savannah was really great. we went rollerskating at an intensely medieval themed 'family entertainment center', thrift shopped at about 5 different places, drove around in our ridiculous electric blue pt cruiser [nicknamed diamond lou}, went to the beach TWICE {and i got sunburn, of course}, confused people by ordering a pizza without cheese, took a tour of scad fibers studios, hung out mostly at the health food store, snooped in the marc jacobs store, took a historic trolley tour {remind me to read 'midnight in the garden of good and evil' before august!}, had gross burritos and really good sushi and saw a giant globe shaped water tower that has a MOON SHAPED MAILBOX. that might have been my favorite part. savannah is really beautiful and i think that i'll really enjoy my time down there, even though the water tastes funny. it's strange being back here at work after 9 days out, but there's only 4 months left before i'm fully immersed in the world of textile design and i'm never looking back!