in 2005 i made a concerted effort to try and read more books. since then i've been keeping track of every single book i've read. my goal was to read 50 books in one year, which has proved waaaay harder to do than i had thought. however, this year i might actually make it! i think what has helped is that if i start a book and i'm not 'into it' i stop and find something else to read {except for maybe ulysses, which after about 200 pages in was a bit of a struggle} right now i'm about half way through east of eden and i'm really enjoying it. unfortunately i don't have too much free time these days to sit and read, but those few moments i do get to read a bit are really restoring. any suggestions to help me get to 50 by december 31st are welcome and appreciated!

{image from anton bielousov}



jean shin reuses remnants; broken umbrellas, donated clothing, losing lottery tickets, emptied wine bottles and old computer keycaps to create works of art. a cast off wax-stiffened cuff represent the measurement of the body in absence. i think that the linen ones would look beautiful as a vessel or vase.
{found at unique lapin}



bread & honey.

things have been so crazy lately that i haven't had time to cook a proper dinner in a loooonnnggg time. it used to be that at least one a week i would take the time to cook something that took longer than 15 minutes to make. those days seem long gone since i can barely find time to even get to the grocery store. one day soon i hope to make this lasagna from over at bread & honey because it looks soooo gooood!!!


ladies and gentleman...

the fabulous stains! diane lane is a 16 year old punk godess and ooooohhhh i want that poster!