light me on fire.

happy 4th and all that.

{photo by mike flem
from one of my
favorite days
in recent memory}


mystery spot.

a gravity hill is an optical illusion where a downwards slope appears upwards. water flows backwards, chairs could be balanced on two legs and no one can seem to stand up straight. i've been to the {now closed} wonder spot in wisconson, and it really is a neat experience. here's a list of mystery spots all over the world.


one size fits none.

chloe sevigny modelling pieces from martin margiela's size74 collection {s/s 2000.} photographs by mark borthwick. i scanned this from a book at school because i love the idea that the clothes are for everyone and for no one.

{via rapture, pp73}


the magical.

these are some collages that i made!



i'm pretty convinced that gif-art is the way of the future.