have a happy holiday weekend everybody! i'll be back on monday with my 200th post! crazy!

{goo cover art by raymond pettibon}


men don't protect you anymore.

kurt cobain in front of barbara kruger text. i love this photograph and have it framed in my bedroom. it's part of a series of photos of cobain by stephen sweet.

headline shirts?

cnn is now offering some of their more wacky headlines on t-shirts. genius idea or celebration of the moronic downturn of society?? you decide!


working hard.

this is a busy week for me at work. i have a pretty lax job {hence all the posting} but about once every two months it gets a little crazy. hopefully next week i'll be back to posting about more thrilling items that will fulfill and enrich your life.

{poster by andy smith}

candy quiz.

i did better on this candy bar identification quiz than i care to admit, although some of them are pretty tricky. besides, what the heck is a goo goo cluster?

r.i.p. major garland briggs.

don davis passed away on sunday. he was best known [to me] as bobby's father major briggs on twin peaks and one of my favorite characters. best voice. best tv dad. best beacon of ultimate good. sad to see him go, but i know that he's hanging out in the white lodge right now.


closed mondays.

i think that i'm gonna take the day off.

{image via dirtnap}