it's hot.

80's and 90's all week and i'm loving it.


signs of character.

space modern.

not only is this beauty created with the largest single piece of bentwood used to make a chair, it is also made with open cell visco elastic memory foam, used on NASA's spacecrafts, and is certified by the Space Foundation!

{via gizmodo}



i hope that this screencaps blog keeps up the good work because right now they've got 3 pages of stills from various godzilla movies {and singing in the rain and capricorn one} and i'm excited to see where this leads.



i am so excited to see this!!! it's not really the kind of movie i'd normally want to go see {sci-fi thriller?}, but the poster is beautiful, the trailer is done really well, sam rockwell is awesome and it was directed by duncan jones aka zowie bowie!