desk reads.

here are 7 online magazines to 'flip' through. chocked full of great info, they are all FREE and won't clutter up your living room.

neet magazine is all about the d.i.y.

prim magazine just came out with it's first issue and has a little bit of everything, including swear words.

slash magazine's tagline reads: a quarterly for the extra observant and is maybe a bit "smarter" than the above two.

art krush is strictly about art. it's like getting artforum sent right into your inbox twice a month.

magazine is one that everybody loves to hate, but it's updated everyday and it's writing 90% worthwhile {just don't read the user comments}.

the believer
is from the mcsweeny's conglomerate, but it's never updated enough and teases you with half-articles, but they usually have interesting"online exclusives".

harper's is like readers digest for geniuses and you might as well just subscribe to it. it's only 17$ for the year and your guests will think that you're really smart. plus, once you're a subscriber you can read articles on website that date back to the 1850's.

film fest.

the 17th annual philadelphia film festival started yesterday and i'm just now getting around to checking out the films that are playing. after reading all of the two sentence blurbs, it's still hard to tell which movies are worth seeing. words like "quirky" "hard-hitting" "dramedy" and "romp" don't actually tell you much and most of the movies seem like they could probably go either way. there's really too many to choose from, but here are a few that seem interesting.

Phoebe in Wonderland


Join Us

Fata Morgana

what are you going to see???


animal cams!

a long while ago someone sent me a link to mr. lee's catcam. it's is a device equipped with a light-weight camera that attaches to a cats collar, which takes a picture every few minutes and gives a visual on just what cats DO all day. i think that if my cat had one it would be; the couch, the kitchen table, the other couch, the kitchen counters, etc. these guys have it a bit more exciting.

recently photographer john downer did something similar, but with elephants! for a bbc special about tigers they created high-definition cameras hidden in logs that were carried by trained elephants. animals are my new favorite photographers.

monkey & bear.

although i still have no flyer for the show, no information about other artists in the show and a really cruddy detail shot of my own piece, i might as well post about it anyway. i have two pieces in a group show at topstitch boutique here in philadelphia. the theme is "paper dolls" and i made some twee marionettes. monkey & bear.

you can make the monkey take his top-hat on and off and the bear can do a little dance in her ballet slippers. the opening is tomorrow at 3rd and market {2nd floor} from 6 to 9pm.


palettes to wear.

wear palettes is a mash-up between two of my favorite sites the sartorialist and colourlovers.

they 'extrapolate' images from the sartorialist and create coordinating palettes using colourlovers. pretty darn clever. here is my 'wear palette' for pretty much the next 6 months.


is anybody out there? please feel free to comment so i don't feel like i'm just shouting wildly into the gaping maw of the internet. thanks!



i'm not really too into "this is what i wore today" blogs, they mostly just make me feel dumpy and poor. however, i keep finding myself checking out stylebytes, a mostly "wiwt" style blog from a girl in norway named agathe. she's got great style, fancy clothes, a beautiful face and delightful pictures, but what draws me back is the PET PIG. named molvin. yes.

nevermind the dewdrops.

my friend katie henry, aka madebyhank, makes really beautiful things. like perfectly crafted handbags and backpacks made from old skirts and curtains and leather belts and buttons. her attention to detail {and texture and color and size and shape} is stunning and sometimes you'll find a lil bunny embroidered on the flap. not only totally cute, but super durable as well.

when she's not sewing bags she's sewing...octopi. and walruses and ostriches. usually lounging on the beach, or playing tennis or enjoying a tiny cake while holding a red balloon. these sewn drawings are all done by hand on a regular ole sewing machine. no fancy computers involved! she's got a new show going up at this friday, april 4th at café estelle {444 north 4th street in philadelphia, PA}. it's called nevermind the dewdrops and there will be tiny cucumber sandwiches and tiny beers and probably mint juleps. if you're in town make sure to check it out!!!


paper type.

neat hand-cut type from alex bec.


this weekend i got my netflix of the first disc of planet earth. i've only watched the first episode so far, but it's so amazing. i think that i said "THAT'S CRAZY!" about 100 times during the first hour. having to wait a few days to get the next disc is going to be a minor torture. other than that i spent most of the weekend inside working on a piece for a show i'm in this friday. more about that later, if i ever get my hands on a flyer for it.

the most exciting part of my weekend, however, was counting and rolling alllll of my change. after dumping out my bunny banks and scrounging in the corners of my room i have an extra 46$ in my life! now all i need is 553$ more and i'll be able to afford an authentic eames wire chair with eiffel base {or another 184$ for a repro}. sheesh.