cat high.

my 10th high school reunion is coming up this year and i'm pretty sure that there isn't going to be a choreographed dance to time after time, so i don't think that i'll be attending. however, if i knew that my bff's val, cat and zug were gonna be there i'd totes go.

{via cat party}



i CANNOT stop listening to this song. it gives me real, actual summertime chills.


time. presence. performance. duration.

relation in time, 1977 {with ulay}

relation in time, 2010 {reperformance}

i also went to see the marina abramovic retrospective at the moma. i had to rush through it because i got lost getting there {a-doy} and wanted to also get to soho in time to check out team gallery and the drawing center, before they closed. even though i had such a short time i still stood mesmerized at her performance, which you can watch live here. i wish that i had enough time to stick around and participate. anyway, the show was amazing and i can't stop thinking about it.


storm tharp.

while i was in nyc last week i made a point to go check out the whitney biennial. overall there wasn't too much that i was excited about. that is, except for the series of paintings by storm tharp, which i really really like. a lot. unfortunately they were placed in a room with marianne vitale berating the art audience via video, which was both annoying and attention getting; so these paintings probably didn't get as much eye time as they should have.