fake grape.

favorite fake flavor!

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air in the epic.

our vacation to las vegas and the grand canyon was AMAZING and here are some pictures to prove it!

first night hundos.

five star relaxing.

heaven on earth.

also, heaven on earth!

truly, heaven on earth.

i didn't consider myself a "las vegas" kind of person, but we had A LOT of fun. most of my money went to the pinball hall of fame, but i did win $40 from video poker (and then promptly cashed out and bought myself some celebratory ice-cream). we ate so much good food, saw penn and teller, and my boyfriend took me on a surprise gondola ride with the funniest gondolier ever (hi beppe!). on my birthday we drove to the north rim of the grand canyon and watched the sunset and then spent the rest of the trip at the south rim. i must have said "WOW!!!" and "JUST LOOK AT IT!!!" a million times!!! we hiked the ~5 miles down bright angel trail to indian garden and then back up again, and for city-kids we did it in pretty good time! it was a awesome vacation in every sense of those two words, but i'm very glad to be back home in brooklyn...with my cats.