it's my dream to someday have a piano in my house, and this piano is probably the most beautiful one i've ever seen. note to my future self: Baldwin Acrosonic.


stanzas in meditation.

it's already a week into 2014! i think that my main resolution is going to be: CHILL OUT. i've started using the app and i really like it. it's free and customizable and easy to fit into the day, and i feel like keeping up with it could really help with my head/neck aches. when the calm-lady says 'let your shoulders relax', it's crazy just how much tension i hold in there that i'm able to just let go of. just a moment (or two) a day and me (and pee-wee) are feeling better already.


almost a waltz.

Venus, Christian Dior, 1949

Junon, Christian Dior, 1949

these Dior dresses are killllllingggg meeeee, 1949 and they look so modern!! i really wanted to dress up fancy for new years eve, but the parties we went to were most easily accessible by biking, and i wasn't trying to wear an extra-special outfit while riding in 20 degree weather! so now i've got this fancy dress itch that i just can't scratch. argh, why aren't i invited to more galas, balls, or fĂȘtes!?!