long cool woman in a black dress.

three amazingly constructed dresses from emily ryan. cowls, ruffles, pockets and 3d bird appliques??? it's like she's reading my mind.

tighten up.

2009 was brought in at our house with friends, fun and fireworks! i suppose that i don't really do 'resolutions' but it's always nice to have some goals in mind. last year i wanted to read 50 books and i did it! as for this year, i just want to get the absolute most i can out of grad school, which re-starts on monday!


a happy new year.

xoxo to you all. see you in 2009.

{winnie the pooh via bibliodyssey}


teddy & jack.

i spent most of christmas eve reading the last twilight book scanning in tons and tons of old family photos. here is one of my grandfather {the baby} with president theodore roosevelt {in the hat and awesome boots} in arizona, c. 1915