only the good die young.

stefan sagmeister's piece for the urban play portion of this years experimentadesign taking place in amsterdam. gone too soon.

{found at we made this}

normal girl.

charlotte eatock is a choreographer and performer, experimenting with film. she may also be somehow related to daniel eatock one of my current favorite artists.


by ray.

ink drawing by ray "is not my brother" eames from the work of charles and ray eames.


sometimes i forget that ffffound exists and then i remember and find gems like this.

i love michael cera and i want to hold his hand.

michael cera as photographed by ryan mcginley for the new york times in 2007. not that i'm obsessed or anything.


i5 south.

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful image from rhan over at touch touch.

from planet earth.

astronaut charlie duke left this portrait of his family on the moon during his apollo 16 mission, april 1972. this photograph was taken with his hasselblad camera.