no ticket to ride.

my flight back to savannah was cancelled on account of massive fog, so i'm at home for one more night. i spent it watching help! with my parents. although george {and his crooked teeth} is number one, every time i watch a beatles movie ringo moves up higher on my favorite beatles list.

james castle.

i went and saw the james castle retrospective at the pma and it was really really wonderful. i couldn't find my most favorite piece online, but he drew people with little rectangle landscapes for heads and it blew my mind. the found cardboard assembleages were also so perfect. really really wonderful.


happy holidays!

i hope that your day is full of exciting surprises.


de meest fantastisch tijd van het jaar.

so i'm back up north at my parents house and even though i was just here about a month ago it's nice to be home again. however....i really wouldn't mind it if i was spending the holidays in amsterdam. i was there once in novemeber and got to see their christmas parade and everything was all lit up and it was so magical. i think that's when i fell in love. it looked a little like this:

sigh. i've been there in the springtime as well and it really is one of my favorite places on earth.

{beautiful picture by pia jane}


let's be friends!

hey everyone! i just added toooonnnnnnnns of my favorite blogs into the 'frequent haunts' links section over there.


you guys should start clicking around and check them out because they are wonderful and inspirational places. if anyone knows of any other good blogs, let me know!
{cute couple from hel-looks}

here they come now, see them run now.

oooh, i want all of these outfits {and hair-do's} in krisatomic's new daily drawing!

merry mariah.

quite possibly thee best christmas song of all time.

merry monday.

this is my lil christmas tree. decorated in a classy silver and blue color scheme. i wish that it made sense to have evergreens inside all year because it makes the living room smell so nice!


unchanging window.

mary has lots and lots of beautiful photographs over at her blog