have a good weekend everybody! aren't these two terrifying?

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look to the skies.

paintings by esther pearl watson and sarah mceneaney, respectively. i want, nay, yearn for these two paintings.

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dzama dreams.

marcel dzama was my first true artist obsession. for a while i just absorbed everything single that he did. drawings, painting, sculptures, toys, music, films. however, he and i had taken some time apart for a while, but this marcel dzama and patrick daughters directed video for department of eagles reminds me why i was so obsessed.



julene makes gorgeous customized paper cutouts. there are lots of smooshy sayings and birthday wishes, but i like this american psycho quote the best.


everything still basically sucks, but i'm looking towards a brighter future.

{jens lekman is the best}


the crystal cure.

the natural quartz crystal symbolizes white light energy and is one of the most sacred stones of ancient cultures. its clarity and transparency give it a mirror quality through which things can be seen clearly. quartz crystals are used for protection and capturing bad vibrations. stronger quartz clusters are used to enhance harmony and cooperation and helps retain a positive life force.


drop out of life.

for the past, oh, two months or so my life has been in pretty much constant turmoil. unfortunately for me, it doesn't seem to be showing any sign of stopping. every little thing just makes me want to sit in a quiet room and watch reuben margolin sculptures move forever.


happy father's day.

i'm pretty certain that all dads love trains. my dad definitely does. growing up we went to countless train museums and so it's no surprise that o. winston link is my dad's favorite photographer. he is best known for his photographs of steam {and later diesel} trains, as shown in the top photograph - and his innovations in flash photography - as evidenced in the second.