zen hoops.

ahh! i won a thing! i entered joanna's wednesday give-a-way {like i do most weeks} and this week i won! out of 1365 people i'm the one who is going to be receiving these beautiful gold fill hoops with lovely WW2 era silver beads, from babette! this is so exciting. as a thank you to the blogging gods i'm going to be holding a give-a-way of my own next week, so check back!!!


very necessary.

here is a t-shirt that i 'designed'. ripped from the headlines of my life! i mean really, it's a true classic.

{with a special dedication
to katie henry
who definitely knows
all the words to 'shoop'}

real ihorse.

ahh, ok.



"then i have crystal shoes. i have instructions for the public to take off your shoes and, with naked feet, put on the two crystal shoes, close your eyes, don’t move, and make your departure. i’m talking about a mental, not physical, departure. so the public can enter certain states of mind helped by the material itself. material is very important for me. i use crystals, human hair, copper, iron. the materials already have a certain energy." - marina abramovic

this is a theme i've been working with and thinking a lot about; the ability for {in my case} garments to be imbued with a kind of magical energy through the use of materials {silk, horsehair and uranium glass} and the time and intention of the artist.


i've been trying to come up with one last pattern for my thesis project. one that embodies mystical symbols without being too literal and keeping the design simple and clean. and then i see this. this is what i was seeing in my head. this is the feel that i was trying for. this evokes the magical incantation. and it is called incantation and it was designed by alvin lustig in 1947. it's strange how we can imagine and desire something that we never knew existed.


bold little dude.

erie basin was taking pictures of their new jewelry finds when this little spider dude showed up and demanded to be part of the shot. i love how his...moustache matches the ring!


for the past week or so i've had a totally awesome* head cold/sinus infection and the inside of my ears/nose/throat feels pretty much like this.


{via rse
ala touchtouch}