speaking of dancing.

last night i went dancing for the first time in aaaaaaaaaages. it was my favorite soul/funk/mod night and it was great, although my legs are a little sore today. i guess that i'm not quite yet the dancer that beyonce is! that video is completely mesmerizing, i've watched it like 50 times. picking up some tips.


dancin' in the street.

i saw this on cup of jo and though it was going to be, well, stupid. but the whole time i was watching it i couldn't stop smiling and giggling. it's pretty magical. check out where the hell is matt? for all the info on this guys awesome travels.


bear at a picnic table.

today has been pretty laidback. ate some food, played some scrabble, watched the dog show. that's doesn't have too much to do with a bear at a picnic table, but it's been in my photo folder for a while now and i just wanted to use it!


homeward bound.

in a few hours i'm getting on a plane {and then another plane} and heading back north to home. i'll be spending thanksgiving weekend among family and friends and hopefully not too much snow. i hope that everyone has a wonderful turkey/tofurky day!

{capote at home, 1958 slim arrons}



laika was a soviet space dog who became the first living mammal to orbit the earth and the first orbital casualty. she died a few hours after launch from stress and overheating, probably due to a malfunction in the thermal control system. the true cause of her death was not made public until decades after the flight. it was not until 1998, after the collapse of the soviet regime, that one of the scientists responsible for sending laika into space, expressed regret for allowing her to die: "work with animals is a source of suffering to all of us. we treat them like babies who cannot speak. the more time passes, the more i'm sorry about it. we shouldn't have done it... we did not learn enough from this mission to justify the death of the dog." on april 11, 2008, russian officials unveiled a monument to laika.


oh my gosh, i'm so excited! i just found out that one of my favorite films of all time is now on dvd! this is so great because we just got a new tv which means that the little, white, 13" tv/vcr combo that i got for my high school graduation has been retired and with it, my ability to watch any of my tapes, including my bootleg copy of this movie. plus the dvd comes with some neat extras! {you can also get it through netflix, if you don't want to make that $30 commitment.}

tattoo sweater and the colours of everything inside.

original painting for sale over at sarah mcneil's etsy shop. i think that the title really makes it.


life archive.

you can now search the millions of photographs from the LIFE magazine photo archive through google images. it's pretty awesome.

Art-Street Ptg.-Philadelphia
Artist Gene Davis putting finishing touches on his 414-ft-long ptg. "Franklin's Footpath," painted on street in front of Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
Date taken: 1972