things i have learned in my life so far.

a good friend once introduced me to stefan sagmeister. {not literally, although that would have been awesome.} if you're not familiar with him you should check out his website because he's pretty much the most important living designer and you'll be blown away by the ingenuity and originality of his work. plus you've probably seen a lot of it before. in his new book, things i have learned in my life so far, he offers up simple, meaningful statements culled from notes jotted in his diary. here he is giving a TED talk about his project and the ways in which design influences our lives and can even make us happy.

as for me, i still have A LOT to learn. including; "worrying solves nothing".


i googled my name {yeah} and found this blurb about my piece in the show at topstich.

"Real monkey sock dolls are displayed right near by Catherine A. Kane's performing monkey paper doll with reticulated limbs. Of course, like all dolls, the monkey is us, but it's not that homey sock doll, but rather a deified creature who feels he has to put on a show. Don't we all?"

lighter-than-air free balloon.

ever since i got to go up in a tethered hot air balloon on my grandparents 50th anniversary, one of life long dreams has been to fly in one myself. there's just something so magical about it.

the classic styles are great, but the special shapes are really extraordinary. maybe someday!


i <3 lemons.

i just went for a walk and it is so BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE!!! it's the perfect weather to sit on a porch doing the crossword puzzle and drinking lemonade. i LOVE lemonade. in fact, i love pretty much everything lemon flavored, especially once summertime rolls around. i have been known to drink lemon juice straight from the bottle as well as grab the lemon out of your water glass and eat it like an orange. gooey lemon bars, entire cartons of sorbet, tins of lemon candy that ruin the roof of your mouth; i love them all! i've also started using my lemon butter creme as lip balm. mmm.

two other lemon related things that i love?

liz lemon

and videos of babies eating lemons.


i've already started looking at apartments in savannah {ok, i've been looking for weeks now} and i am so in love. everything has hardwood floors, balconies, fireplaces, and are well within my price range. good thing too, because i don't own any furniture. at the very least i'll need a to invest in a good couch.

this one from urban outfitters is PERFECT. great color, size and even room for guests to sleep over! wouldn't it just look perfect in this living room???

{images from}

manuel dominguez jr.

manuel dominguez jr. is a photographer from philly who takes pictures of...everything. wonderful portraits, foreign landscapes, the little details of life, commercial ads of sexy ladies AND the pictures of my portfolio that helped get me into grad school! he's having a photo show this friday, april 11th here in philly at benna's cafe, 7-9pm. it's gonna be good!



speaking of savannah...i just found out that I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL!!! i will be studying for my MFA in fibers at the savannah college of art and design come this fall!


my grandmother and grandfather were birders. their hobby took them all over the word, to each of the 7 continents! i think that because of this i've always had a sort of special scientific interest in birds and someday i would love to take up birding myself. today jeana sohn posted these stunning images from a recent article in audubon magazine about bird's nests.

the article is a really great read, especially the section about the actual construction of the nests. when we were young my mom would cut our hair at home and afterwards we'd gather up all of the clippings and throw them off the back porch so that the birds could use them in their nests. i always liked that idea. maybe this weekend we'll go out to fairmount park and i'll finally force cris to let me cut his hair and we can throw it out to the birds for their nests and then count as many different species as we can!

edit: i just checked and of's supposed to rain all weekend. so much for that!

south bound.

in a little over two weeks i'm going to be taking a short trip to savannah, ga! i am SO EXCITED to get out of this dreary city that i've already started mentally packing. the only thing is i don't have is the right sized bag for a 5 day trip; everything is either too big, too small, or too awkward to haul around. any ideas for mid-size duffles-totes-weekenders? it needs to be big enough to hold:

4 summer dresses
1 pair of jeans
2 t-shirts
1 cardigan
1 hoodie
2 pairs of flats
1 pair of sunglasses
1 digital camera
1 polaroid camera
1 dopp kit
and a moleskin and ipod too.

i am in LOVE with this m.p. karryall 'greco' duffle. but it is suede {poor sad cows} and $175 and therefore not a possibility.

and {against my better judgment?} i actually really like this blue lame duffle from american apparel as well, but i'm open to other options. help me??



celeste stein designs will literally "knock your socks off" and then give you 1,239 different prints and patterns to choose from when ordering new socks {and tights.} that is seriously nuts. here is but a small fraction of their designs. i am, sadly, and yet seriously, considering getting some cat tights. the print third-row-right looks like something out of chloe sevigny's new line for opening ceremony.

fall '08.

although it's technically spring, it still feels like fall {but hopefully it will be summer soon!} if you can stay in that fall frame of mind, you should check out the pantone color report for fall/winter 2008. if you're not in the fashion business and always thinking 2 seasons ahead, you can also stay au currant by checking out the report for this spring. like i said before, 'cantaloupe' and 'silver gray' are my colors this season!!

fall 2008

spring 2008

ride the skies.

the white horse at kilburn.


for h&m.

so the new marimekko 'designer' collection for h&m comes out this thursday and i have one word for it; barf.

marimekko has such a long tradition of beautiful clothes. with pieces in both classic stripe / dot patterns as well as modern 'fun' prints, i've envied their clothes {and pattern designers} for a long time now and i can understand giving a nod to their popular patterns from the 60's and 70's, {even re-using the 'joonas' pattern} but i think that they veered a bit off course. the following images are from marimekko's s/s '08 collection. why didn't they make cheaper versions of those!!?? i'd pretty much kill for that last dress!

the word is also out that a comme des garcons for h&m collection is scheduled for november. i'm interested to see out that will turn out. also, i'm still crossing my fingers for a 3.1 phillip lim collaboration. please!!!

edit: gap design editions returns april 15th and includes band of outsiders, threeasfour, michael bastian, philip crangi and 3.1 phillip lim!

ingenius inflatables.

street artist joshua allen harris creates inflatable animals out of discarded plastic bags and then ties the bags to the ventilation grates above the subway lines so that when the subway passes through underneath, the rush of air causes the animal to spring to life!

so neat! {this story brought to you by the wooster collective}