london caling.

this painting by andrew hem makes me want to go back to london and ride a bike to trafalgar square and spend the entire day at the national gallery.

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for all you internet people...

who i hope have a wonderful weekend!

please click here to download and enjoy a few of my favorite songs off of vince guaraldi's soundtrack to a charlie brown christmas. xoxo.


for your fancy sister...

and her fancy new house,

tord boontje's garland light. this new classic is created from a continuous metal strand that is wrapped around a light bulb and casts the most magical floral shadows all over the room. if it's good enough for the moma and the v&a it's good enough for family.

for your work-at-home dad...

for a night out on the town with mom.

a fedora from new york's oldest hat shop, j.j. hat center, will keep him looking dapper no matter how many sunless hours he spends in his basement office.


for your fashionable bff...

who totally lets you borrow her clothes,

this amazingly awesome and versatile shebible top. between the deep-v neck and the crazy scarf-like collar she could pretty much wear this everyday so i wouldn't get your hopes up about borrowing it next week.

for your [not] so little brother...

who's still a kid at heart.

although the hishou airplane is only made of balsa wood and and propelled by rubber-bands, the design dates back to 1911 when similar models successfully crossed the sumida river in a flight contest. if it can cross a river in japan it can definitely make it across the living room, through the kitchen and into that plate of christmas morning waffles. fun!


for your hard working mom...

who needs a little sunshine.

ball and chain has created this bright springtime yellow necklace with enamelled floral beads reminiscent of forsythia. or as my mom would say forsyyyyythia.

edit: or for a little more glamour this criss-cross necklace by paola volpi from the moma store. perfect for a fancy night out with dad.

for your bike obsessed boyfriend...

who you're trying to trick into reading more:

the classic 1978 novel the rider by dutch writer tim krabbé. it chronicles the 137 kilometre tour de mont aigoual, a course through the mountains that is known as one of the cruellest stages of the tour de france. if that doesn't get him reading, nothin' will.


for the world...

a gift of self-reliance.

through heifer international you can give a family in uganda their very own bee hive, plus apiary training, for a measly $30. bee hives can help struggling families become self-reliant and earn income through the sale of honey, beeswax and pollen. the honeybees won't only be helping a single family. placed strategically, beehives can as much as double some fruit and vegetable yields. in this way, a beehive can be a boost to a whole village! if bees aren't your thing you can donate towards a llama which will give latin american families an invaluable source of transportation, income and wool. joy to the world, and all that.

a gift.

happy monday everyone! i think that this week i'm going to be putting together a holiday gift guide. a nice lil something for everyone.

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great stone face.

when you sleep.

great new collage from julien pacaud, inspired by the my bloody valentine song of the same name.

{click the image to download the song!}