use rainbow.

this weekend i'm going to some art openings, dancing to some motown, working on some art stuffs and hopefully eating some waffles!

the chorus.

the amazing chorus of ps22 doing lady gaga's let's dance. i'm a total sucker for stuff like this. for a long time i was obsessed with the langley school's music project {i still might be.}


pig iron.

Zhang Huan, ‘Zhu Gangqiang No. 10’, 2009. Ash on linen.

"in may 2008, an earthquake reaching 8.0 on the richter scale struck the sichuan province of china, killing more than 60,000 people. amidst the tragedy, there was a pig that lived, trapped, for 49 days after the quake, surviving on rainwater, rotten wood and a small amount of foraged feed. his survival was hailed as a miracle and he was given the name ‘zhu gangqiang’ (‘cast -iron -pig’). according to buddhist scripture, 49 days is the amount of time that a soul remains on earth between death and transmigration.”


when i look in the mirror, this is what i see looking back.


cool clutter.

the cave [86.5" x 114.5"]

i'm super into this awesome gouache painting by charlie roberts. i love all of the little hidden surprises. cat in a bucket!

{via booooooom}


the illustrated man.

i'm currently trying to learn illustrator. it's...confusing and fun.

i...need this?

maybe it's time for a d.y.i.


i've got the blues.

i get made fun of a bit for owning so many blue things, but i don't care. it would be worth all of the ridicule in the world to own this blue beauty by bernhard willhelm.

{available at creatures of comfort}


this weekend i went to a scooter rally in atlanta. it was super fun! the vintage ones have such great logos amd i've kind of got the scooter bug.