'we should not be moral but we are, and all kinds of emotions that are very, very unwelcome creep in, and we have to deal with them. one of these emotions, which is completely useless and creeps in all the time, is whenever guilt comes in we want to get rid of it because guilt is extremely painful and we are not here to experience pain. exorcism is necessary when the guilt has come in and you want to forget about it. you want to forget about certain experiences because they are forbidden. sculpture needs so much physical involvement that you can rid yourself of your demons through sculpting. drawing doesn't have that pretension. drawing is just a little help.'

busby berkley dreams.

dreams are dangerous. can't stop dreaming.



this is my very first attempt at crocheting! it gave me quite a rough start, but i think that i really enjoy it. four rows of crochet with one row of double crochet.


where. point of tranquility.

moris louis. listen to a hirshorn podcast by diana upright here.


backyard buddies.

cris made some new friends; an anole, a baby gecko, and a luna moth.

back to school.

the school of life just opened in london and it is exactly what it sounds like; they offer instruction on how to get the most out of life. courses of study include love, politics, work, family and play. they will even show you which books are best for you to read according to your particular interests and offer suggestions for holidays and field trips to 'unexpected locations.' they also are organizing secular sermons {suchas, on the importance of punctuality} and group meals that teach you how to strike up conversations with strangers. it really sounds like a wonderful idea and a magical place. i wonder if they offer scholarships...


they don't weaken, no matter what.

i was feeling a bit afraid that with school and work and then general enjoyment of life, i would find myself slacking on this lil blog here. and i don't want that. i think that it has really helped me find a lot of inspiration in a lot of different places. it's also become a bit of a visual diary. i look back and remember why i posted certain things, how i got to certain places. i love that, it's important. therefore, in the spirit of tricking myself into doing things i like anyway, i have switched this site to it's own stream-lined domain. you are now looking at! much more grown-up, no more nasty 'blogspot'. this way i have a little something invested here and will not let it go by the wayside. i promise.

{image of the wonderful little edie}