oh, margot.

last night i was googlin' around and i found this beautiful drawing of margot tenenbaum. i love the line work, it really captures the spirit of the character.


with your dress of comets.

'perhaps everything would have been different
if you had stayed at the table or asked me
to go out with you to look at the moon...'



hey guys! just a reminder that spoonflower is giving away free swatches today as a fundraiser for heifer international, which is a great organization. i've never gotten fabric printed through spoonflower before so i'm really excited to test them out! i think that i'm going to get swatches of these two designs of mine on their new organic cotton interlock knit and bamboo-cotton poplin.

annie and alvy



i've been busy...

watching this video over and over again {oh, yeah, and with school.}


look forward to fall.

it will probably be 90 degrees here until december, but a girl can dream can't she!?