this daniel eatock peice will soon be mine. oh yes, it will be mine.

searching the shore.

jim denevan makes freehand drawings in sand. sometimes art is pretty neat.

{found via booooom}

i may not know what i like, but i know art.

i saw this drawing by jim krewson in the new vice magazine and it totally cracks me up. i love it. sometimes art is really stupid.

{fyi: most of his website is nsfw}


aas, heer, vrouw, boer.

i wasn't going to post these dutch maritime themed playing cards because i was seriously considering bidding on them, but i really, probably, really shouldn't be buying myself things right now. well, i figure that if i can't buy them i can at least post them!

{found via hollister hovey}

little brushwood dog.

this is pan-pan! he is the happy dog of alitak888 and a shiba inu. now, i'm not super big dog person, but i might be obsessed with this breed. they look like cute little cartoons. since i don't think that i'll be getting a dog any time soon, i'm glad that there is a live streaming shiba inu puppy cam!

papillon crochet.

i love these hand crocheted butterflies from oeuf nyc. it's all the beauty of nature without actually having dead things in your house.

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successful living.

a nice print with a nice message by nick dewar available over at thumbtack press.

house of windows.

muji's prefab mado no ie {house of windows}. won a good design award, 2008.

the sea.

textiles & objects.

marilyn neuhart embroidered protype doll over at reference library's kiosk shop.


neon, etc.

the work of stephen antonakos now on view at the allentown art museum. even more than the neon work, i really liked these colored pencil on vellum drawings.