mirror mirror.

invisible shoes by andreia chaves. mind=blown.

qui est GIGI?

as evidenced through josh gosfield's collection of magazine covers, snapshots, advertisements and album covers, gigi gaston had her meteoric rise and fall in the 60's-70's french pop music scene. however, this amazingly thorough archive covers something that never actually happened. gigi is a fictitious character 'played' by modern ye-ye sweetheart mareva galanter of the always amazing do you scopitone? i loooove stuff like this.



a while ago i saw these canisters at a thrift store and thought that they had the most amazing type. look at the coffee! it still blows my mind. i ended up just taking pictures and not getting them because they didn't have their tops. but then, i kept thinking about them and went back 2 weeks later and they were still there! $1.50 later and they are sitting on my desk full of pens and stickers and sewing supplies.



after spending a week looking at art that cost thousands to millions of dollars, it's really refreshing to see great work that is totally affordable. both of these posters, by eleanor grosch and wayne pate respectively, are hand screenprinted and both are only $40. seems almost criminal!


Gratuitous Tiny Bunny In A Teacup Tuesday, the video.


how much art can you take?

so i've returned from art basel miami with no money, lots of blisters and about 500 pictures! we went to 6 fairs {art basel, it ain't, pulse, nada, pool and aqua} and so, so many galleries/shows/openings. we saw gang gang dance play at a recreation of max fish and kid sister play poolside at a swanky hotel. i ate some pretty good food {where are all the fancy vegetarian restaurants?!} and stepped into the ocean. mostly i looked at art and thought about art and looked at art and wrote down notes about art and looked at art and talked about art and looked at a lot of art.