how much art can you take?

so i've returned from art basel miami with no money, lots of blisters and about 500 pictures! we went to 6 fairs {art basel, it ain't, pulse, nada, pool and aqua} and so, so many galleries/shows/openings. we saw gang gang dance play at a recreation of max fish and kid sister play poolside at a swanky hotel. i ate some pretty good food {where are all the fancy vegetarian restaurants?!} and stepped into the ocean. mostly i looked at art and thought about art and looked at art and wrote down notes about art and looked at art and talked about art and looked at a lot of art.


  1. We went to all the same spots!
    Great selection of shots.

    I'm so physically and mentally exhausted. My eyeballs received so much art they want to explode. :D
    Glad you had a great time.

  2. awesome! i wonder if we crossed paths...

    it was really draining - both all of the walking and the processing really took it out of me. my friends headed to scope {after pulse and aqua} and i just.couldn' i went to a thrift store and sat on a couch an read for an hour. it was nice.

    i think that i would go back again. it was a great experience.

  3. i love so many of these! wish you included the artists...

  4. hmm, let's see,

    view of the crazy storm clouds from the rest stop.

    self-portrait in a damien hirst.

    tomoo gokita.

    okay mountain.

    miami street cats.

    i don't remember. :/

    i don't remember. :/

    phillip estlund.

    picture of a picture of patti smith.

    ed ruscha.

    gunther forg.

    andrew kuo ?

    misako inaoka.

    i don't know. :/

    joel ross.

    i don't know. :/

    ricardo rendon.

    wayne white.

    cool pillows at a thrift store.

    i don't know. :/

    josephine taylor.

    shelley adler.

    phone numbers written around the phone at this old warehouse that had a great photo show.

    cool hotel on south beach.

    neil farber and michael dumontier.

    me in front of barry mcgee mural.

    nina bovasso.

    neat/weird mural in wynwood.

    julia chiang.

    people re-enacting a claire rojas mural.

    sorry about all the unknowns! once i review my notes i'll be able to fill more in.

  5. That girl/horse image (20th from the top) looks amazing - as do most of these. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You must do it again.
    The first year it's a bit overwhelming... By next time you'll be calloused in a good way.

    I heard a rumor that after the 2011 contract ends it might head over to LA. I hope we keep it. Miami is still rough around the edges and hungry for culture.

    ps- yes, after seeing 60k- 2mm dollar works-- cute & affordable etsy prints are so so yummy.

  7. dorothy reading sartre is by Erik Yahnker