combinations of lines.

pleased to meet you.

i finally figured out exactly what i want my business card to say. of course steve martin said it first.


helpful hints.

i'm putting this here to remind me to print this out and hang it on my studio wall. wonderful words of wisdom from the always inspiring sister corita kent. i was given a copy of this early on in my undergrad and i think that it had a huge impact on me. that list of helpful hints describes me to a T.

busy busy.

guys, it's not even mid-terms yet and i am always so busy with school! i never even have time to sit and explore the world-wide-web, so here is something that my teacher showed us in class today. as a printmaker and textile designer it is so astounding to watch him work.


up on the roof.

this is where the elevator leads - to cool air and the 3am philadelphia skyline.

elevator music.

i gave mike flem this little music box and he installed it in the elevator at his house. wonderful indeed.