this does not make really, really wanting an iphone any easier!

{found via the constant siege}


moonlight is sculpture.

i wish that someone would somehow translate this photograph into marble. the forms are beautiful.

{photo by coco escribano}


i love these shoes!

these shoes are awesome. and i should think so, because i designed them! thanks to zazzle {yeah, zazzle} you can design your own shoes, shirts, magnets, pretty much anything! you can also buy items that other people designed, oh hey, like these shoes! so if you like nouvelle vague and are feeling sentimental then you should get them and we can be twinies! or make your own, it's really fun and i think that this is something i'm going to be playing around with a lot!

do what???

haha, i thought that this would be the perfect picture to have after a poignant post about the struggles of love and the nature of relationships. this model is hilariously serious, even with a naughty slogan, no pants and clown shoes. it's a gift.

perfect lovers.

"these two identical, adjacent, battery-operated clocks were initially set to the same time, but, with time, they will inevitably fall out of sync...the artist transformed these public, neutral devices used for the measurement of time into personal and poetic meditations on human relationships, mortality, and time's inevitable flow. of the light-blue background, gonzalez-torres said, "for me if a beautiful memory could have a color that color would be light blue."

{untitled by felix gonzalez-torres}


you're gonna need someone on your side.

"i only break for morrissey" bumper sticker, seen the other day while driving with whitney.

k.i.t. l.y.l.a.s. t.t.y.l.

i miss my friends!

{friendship bracelet paintings by ray fenwick}


secret punks.

here's a secret: i've always wanted a black leather motorcycle jacket. except 1) i feel sort of weird about wearing leather 2) i'm not that cool. however, april77 created a vegan version that's made of rubberized cotton and still has some of that edge without trying too hard.

{found at phillip noel}


i finally got the internet at home which is great because as a person who doesn't drink coffee it's pretty awkward to find reasons to be sitting in coffee houses using their free wireless. i also figured out what my schedule for school is going to be! i thought that i was taking weaving this quarter, but apparently i'm not which is kind of sad because i was looking forward to getting really good, really fast {yeah right} and weavin' up some amazing huipils like this one.

{images from teyacapan}


on the vast open sea.

i guess this is what happens when i go without human contact for a while. twenty-twenty is captain of apartment C and protects me against palmetto bugs. books, records and movies have all found their places. furniture has been arranged, rearranged and re-rearranged. art supplies are being unearthed {why do i have 3 compasses??}. my desire to make and create is coming back in tidal waves. school starts in one month. yikes!