pet of the forever.

since i'm going to be gone and mostly likely not posting anything for a whole entire week, i'm going to leave you with this picture of skunks - the happiest rat in history. xo.


i'm taking all next week off for my trip down to savannah, where the lemonade springs and where the bluebird sings. i'll be checking out SCAD, soaking up the sun on tybee island, getting in my first swim of the summer during april at our hotels pool, not getting chiggers from the spanish moss, and seeing clue: the musical {i hope to, one day, see all of my favorite movies in musical form. i've already seen the grey garden's musical and maybe someday they'll make an annie hall musical. or wayne's world?!?!?} anyway, i'm really exciting to get away from philly for a while. take a break from work and life and see all that savannah has to offer me.

"i'm a goin to stay where you sleep all day,
where they hung the jerk that invented work
in the big rock candy mountains."


those fashionable fins.

hello riikka, i would like to hang out with you.

"I'm wearing my brand new dress, I bought it from eBay last week. The huge leather bag was thrifted a couple of years ago. I have a real soft spot for big bags. My style is quite feminine. I like to wear high heels and dresses with poufy hems. I would love to find a 1950's vintage floral dress for next summer. I'm inspired by the past decades and I'm seriously addicted to new wave French cinema."

pretty much.

i'm having a total brain-drain kind of day. these two images of unknown origin were next to each other in my "neat stuff" folder and they pretty much sum things up.

light my fire.

cris is unnaturally afraid of matches. he HAAATES them. but how could you hate these?!?!


classic car love.

matteo ferrari roamed the streets of italy searching for people who drove vintage cars. then he would ask them if they'd had the car for many years, and if they had taken a picture of them posing next to the vehicle when they purchased it. if the answer was 'yes', he recreated the same shot, if possible in the same location, 20 or even 40 years later. it has a sort of youngme, nowme vibe, except i find those photos somewhat creepy and these are very dear and lovely.

{via arkitip}

print liberation.

print liberation is a philadelphia based art collective who put their creative energies towards multiple endeavors. they have their own design agency, founded the copy gallery, have managed photo shoots for major magazines, authored a book on screenprinting, and started their own clothing company. i want one of their hand-printed t-shirts, but i'm just not sure which one.


the bunny is back.

fifi lapin, the most fashionable bunny around, is back from her winter hiatus and in sunny marc jacobs. now i just have to wait for her etsy store to open again so that i can fiiiinnnaallly own one of her cute drawings. i'm still reeling over missing out on this lacoste number back in october.


one year ago today i was riding tandem through the tulip fields of kukenhoff with once of my favorite people on the planet.

today i'm doing this:



heidi? maybe.

i'm still painstakingly trying to grow my hair out to do locks of love. i've got maybe 1.5 inches left to go and it's really starting to drive me nuts. up until now, i've had short hair for about 9 years and all of this brushing and conditioning and general maintenance is a bit overwhelming for me.
so as a remedy, i recently started wearing my hair like this:

it felt a little goofy at first, but it has made my hair-life so much easier. two bands and a few pins and i'm set for the day. no more ratty buns! also, on friday i got the comment "you look so...beautiful!" so i think that i'm going to stick with it. milkmaid summer!


pareidolia is a broad term to describe a psychological phenomenon where a vague and random stimulus is perceived as significant. aka seeing faces in random patterns and objects. i love this. here are a few pareidolia images i've collected:

and my favorite...


there are {at least} two flickr groups just for such pictures. pareidolia and i see faces.