ricketts indigo.

last night i went to a lecture by rowland ricketts about his time spent in japan working on a traditional indigo farm. he learned how to plant, harvest, dry, compost and process the indigo plant into natural dyes to use in his work. he and his wife recently moved back to the states and are working on opening their own indigo farm. the range of colors that you can get is really amazing.


in other news...

i would like to have a tiny room just for sitting in, maybe a small reading room. with a record player and some headphones too. and i would like to paper the walls with virgil marti's lotus wallpaper. i think that being surrounded by it in a small, quiet room would be both soothing and exciting.


hip, hip, hooray!!!

today is the day.

"Two staffers had just passed this site and done two pull-ups. Not to be outdone, Obama did three with ease, dropped and walked out to make a speech. Missoula, Mont., 4/5/2008."

image by time photographer callie shell. i highly recommend checking out the whole set.

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cubbie "scarface" kane, march 16 1991 - november 3 2008. going home to visit mom and dad's just won't be the same. :(

minds and beliefs.

sections of jenny holzer's inflammatory essays. they are from the late 70's early 80's but seem especially poignant today.