weave me a summer night.

i've been doing tons of digital printing and other computery things, but i really wish i had more time to get my hands dirty {so to speak} weave some more. i miss it!

{dorothy liebes
in her studio}


i'm posting this now {at 4:00am} for when i get up for class {at 7:45am}. yup.


the pursuit of happiness.

yay! i've finally amassed 150 followers! a nice little present indeed.

{paintings by
maira kalman
via her wonderful
nyt blog}

girl of my dreams.

this past weekend i treated myself to the new issue of lula. and how could i not seeing as it was complied exactly for me. i swear it had to of been! an interview with yayoi kusama {with accompanying horse photo}, joanna newsom in that dream of a marc jacobs dress {a double whammy}, an ode to shelley duvall, a little bit of darger, and a salute to strawberry shortcake {!!!} all wrapped up with their always amazing editorials that make me want to run away {in a good way}. luv u lula.


give me a leonard cohen afterworld.

so i can sigh eternally.

{image from
brigid berlin's
"cock book" via
pie in the sky
which i highly