memorable foam.

"you are hereby invited to contribute to what we hope will be an ongoing project exploring memory and drawing."

the neat people over at memory foam have started up a project that's perfect for people like me and james. they want to see just how good your memory is for those halcyon days of drawing cartoon characters over and over until you get it right. they are starting it off with garfield and the smurfs. the catch is that you can't look at any sort of smurf or garfield reference or likeness of any kind between reading this rule and drawing your contribution!! honor system people! once you send in your memory it will be published on the web site and in the debut issue. pretty cool. entries are due setpember 30th 2008. check out all the info here.


all goes onward and outward and nothing collapses.

have a good weekend!!!!

{lovely photo from people folk}


i feel like poor jon arbuckle. school starts monday!

{i love garfield minus garfield.}
[garfield & snoopy were the
first two things i ever learned how to draw.]


knot a necklace.

whitney makes these amazing crocheted necklaces.

zoe strauss' america.

zoe strauss takes wonderful photos of philadelphia {and all of america} and has a book coming out this fall of wonderful photos of philadelphia and all of america.


three steps down the palate.

Wanted, wanted: Dolores Haze.
Hair: brown. Lips: scarlet.
Age: five thousand three hundred days.
Profession: none, or "starlet"

today i am nine thousand forty seven days. standing five feet six in one sock.

getting older.

it happens.

{image from square america}



super cool / kitschy illustrations by peter p. plasencia {great name!} for the 1964 space themed children's book “space alphabet” by irene zacks. i really love this illustration style.

{found at sci-fi-o-rama, images courtesy of wardomatic}

either / or.

either: these chanel tights for probably like ~$200. {i couldn't actually find them for sale anywhere}

or: these knock-offs from urban outfitters {of course} which are currently available, two for $20! they aren't quite as nice {of course}, less opaque and no insignia, but i'm still pretty into it.


danger at work.

daniel danger is working on a new screenprint that will top out at a whopping 15 colors! my undergrad was in printmaking and although i never attempted anything quite this involved, it is really, really making me miss being in the studio! you can follow his whole process, color by color, over at his blog.

{found at omgposters!}