safe & sound.

have a good weekend everybody!

road trip.

this weekend i'm heading out on the road! i'll be visiting my family and friends up north for two weeks and i am so so so excited. posting might be sporatic, but it will include thrilling updates and photographs from philadelphia, new york city and buffalo!

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a story of chance.

three years ago today i started watching being there, but never got to see the ending. it still ranks as one of my favorite films.


someone that i care about.

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i love jonathan richman. i think that he could be the most sincere person in the world.

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i love having the day off!!!

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what do you represent?

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how to look at modern art in america, 1946 a satirical cartoon by ad reinhardt. it was drawn as a response to a diagram that was circulated a decade earlier, attempting to explain cubism and abstract art. the original diagram, created by alfred h. barr, is below. i would have loved to see the notes that reinhardt took about where and how to place each artist. i wonder if warhol had one hanging up in his bedroom and cut and pasted in his own little leaf.

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quietly bear pain.

marianne lodge’s practice writing book from 1847. made of real vellum with beautiful calligraphy and a collection of pasted on wax seals. this amazing specimen is from book collector j.p. williams new blog. i love to see into other peoples lives.