diary page from theodore roosevelt on february 14th, 1884. on this day both his mother and wife died, eleven hours apart.


this is so bad it's gone past good & back to bad again.

whitney recently lent me ghost world in an attempt to bring me over to the dark side of reading comic books. it only sort of worked; i liked the book, but it mostly just made me want to watch the movie again. so i did last night and it's still awesome. above is the full clip from gumnaam that enid is watching during the opening credits. i wish that life could be more like that.


good day, sunshine.

it is wonderfully beautiful outside. perfect weather.

{poster from socket studios viz ffffound}


siggi's girl.

i think i'm in love with siggi eggertsson. he's from iceland, but lives in berlin and i've been to berlin, so we already have that in common. he's very talented and clever and maybe one day we'll get married. i'm going to go write cake eggertsson all over my notebooks!


weary ingenues & snotty brats.

a little summer-look inspiration from lover.

{seen at cat party}


neon love.

more neon wonder by tracy emin.

philly neon.

while doing some research for school i stumbled across the work of len davidson. a philadelphia neon sign maker/enthusiast/collector. he is also the curator of the neon history museum in philly at the new american institute of architects' headquarters at 1218 arch street, something i wish i knew had existed when i still lived there.

the pontiac indian from the old silk city diner.

sign from the old zipperhead store on south street.

animated greyhound sign.


fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad song)

this weekend kind of sucked. listening to otis redding helps.

{sad balloon by crazy crayola}