one a day.

a few days ago a blogger over at mental floss found a "slightly mysterious website", a collection of polaroids, one per day, from march 31, 1979 through october 25, 1997...18 years worth. after much internet searching and sleuthing it was discovered that they belonged to jamie livingston a filmmaker, photographer and musician. he documented family, friends, events, and beginning in 1997, his battle with cancer. it's a really wonderful collection of images.

dare to wear.

even though i'm really into patterns, design and color theory, my own wardrobe tends to side with black and white with maybe a little splash of color. case in point: today i'm wearing black riding boots with a black dress and maroon colored tights. i love pattern, but i sort of like like to hide in the background and keep my own fashion choices pretty understated. with that said, i really appreciate people who can let it all hang out {so to speak} with with clothes and just go crazy and wear whatever they want to and feel completely comfortable. like wes aka hairlover. now that's a person who knows what he likes and wears what he wants. love it.



too cute for words.
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life during blogtime.

uh, how come no one told me that david byrne had a blog? he talks about art, design, music, politics, bikes, traveling and hanging out with paul simon! what's not to love?! also i suggest checking out his collection of mental maps/drawings in arboretum, available through mcsweeny's

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we all scream

i'm sooooo into these "whippy" lights from design group mixko. i would love to have these hanging in my house, but i think that they'd make me want to constantly eat ice cream a lot more than i already do! double bonus points for creative use of a CFL.

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a flock of starlings is euphoniously called a “murmuration”, when grouped they put on breathtaking aerial displays, banking in nervous unison, responding like a school of fish to each tremor inside the group.

in memory.

i love this family dog memorial tattoo done on jacob k by ryan mason of scapegoat tattoo in portland, or. the colors look really great and he looks so regal in his russian czar outfit. r.i.p. nike the dog.



tyvek map tote 12"w x 14"h with a zippered top. $14.99 from leslie jordan.


image from 099q6's wonderful flickr.

dreams = reality.

my friend zia just showed me this crazy website where they turned children's drawings into photographs. i can't tell you too much more about it, all i know is that i love it!

{edit: the artists name is yeondoo jung and was found at drawn!}


playing favorites.

are you the favorite person of anybody?, a short film by miranda july. available on the dvd magazine wholphin, by mcsweeny's. i highly recommend it.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, is a grammatically correct sentence using homonyms and homophones to create complicated constructs.

[Those] (Buffalo buffalo) [whom] (Buffalo buffalo buffalo) buffalo (Buffalo buffalo).
[Those] buffalo(es) from Buffalo [that are intimidated by] buffalo(es) from Buffalo intimidate buffalo(es) from Buffalo.

Bison from Buffalo, New York who are intimidated by other bison in their community also happen to intimidate other bison in their community.

future furniture.

as of this weekend these two beauties are mine! i was planning on selling my current bedroom set before i moved so that i wouldn't have to lug it down south with me and the wonderful part about this purchase {aside from that i love them} is that these two dressers are already in savannah! i was tooling around on savannah's craigslist and immediately emailed the owner {an "old hippie" furniture refinisher} and he said that he would keep them in his storeroom until i move in august, AND deliver them to me, AND give me a deal because i bought both of them, which amounted to them costing less than comparable sized ikea dressers. hooray!