my foot & rothko.

"...He disclosed...that his true intention for the Seagram murals was to paint "something that will ruin the appetite of every son-of-a-bitch who ever eats in that room...." He hoped, he told Fischer, that his painting would make the restaurant's patrons "feel that they are trapped in a room where all the doors and windows are bricked up, so that all they can do is butt their heads forever against the wall."

thumbs-up foots-up to you mark.

eyes have it.

i've been super into/thinking about/seeing a lot of eye imagery everywhere lately. or, maybe, it's been seeing me.


fabric pattern that i designed in grad school.


don’t quote me. actually, quote me.

“It was about a man doing a woman’s work, so they see it’s really not that easy,” she said of Tootsie. “Women are not taken seriously… They put a man in a dress, and he’s supposed to know what it feels like to be a woman. But of course he doesn’t. I think what Dustin [Hoffman] says is, ‘I realize now how important it is for a woman to be pretty. And I wasn’t pretty.’ God! That’s all you realized? Jesus Christ. Oh well. Don’t quote me. Actually, quote me.”

teri garr is a badass.

quote via flavorwire.
painting by don bachardy.

connected to the moon.

digitally printed moon phases silk scarf by marta insa // the new moon in the old moon's arms

found via wolf eyebrows.


rain room.

last week i was lucky enough to get to experience random international's rain room installation that's up at MOMA right now through july 28th. due to my most impressive friend being part of a residency at PS1 i was able to tag along with his group for their VIP access and forgo the usual ~5 hour wait time. woo hoo! it was really really cool to be able to move through a rainstorm and not get wet (although a little ironic because we were already wet from the actual rain that was happening outside!)

 it was fun just to move your body around and see how fast or slow you could move before the sensors would turn on or off. aside from all of the picture taking most people were just randomly moving their bodies through the space, flinging their legs and flailing their arms. 

when the rain room was installed at the barbican in london, wayne mcgregor choreographed a dance performance based off of just such an instinct.


hot chip.

i always liked the look of chipped nail polish.