master of textiles!

for my recently completed masters thesis i explored the transformative nature of clothing and its conceivable use as a modern day fetish object. in order to do so i considered the philosophy of friedrich nietzsche's amor fati, the historical use of magic as a cure for the anxiety of life, and the semiotics of fashion, to examine how garments can act as a catalyst in altering the individual’s relationship to and view of the world. in particular i focused on the integration of opposites; beauty and tragedy, and the psychological power of materials and symbols, to understand the part that magical thinking plays in our lives. the main result of this research was the creation of a series of garments that are inherently magical and allow the wearer to simultaneously accept and repel life's tragedies.

ANYWAY, i'm so excited to finally share them with everyone! it was a lot of work, but i'm really happy about what i produced. i designed the prints {which are based off of space and cave imagery and include ghost-y horses}, and then digitally printed the silk fabric, and designed the patterns, and braided the horse hair {around the collars} and then sewed everything {a lot by hand} and then took the pictures {via self-timer} and even 'modeled' {with head removed due to lack of smizing}. WHEW. i'm going to be posting the garments throughout the morning, so stay tuned! xoxo!


  1. did you have to write a paper on this? if so, id like to read it.

    congratulations! can wait to see the photos!

  2. Oh my goodness! I very randomly came acsross your blogg, and seriously, this is what I've been missing the whole time! Your blog is very inspiring, and it's such wonderful designs you've made! It is even better reading you thoughts and ideas behind the design. IT'S LIKE MAGIC!
    I'm your biggest fan (in denmark anyway) :D haha.

    Take care.

  3. wow thanks! keep in touch! xox.