tangle of thorns.

over at lolita there is a really cool collection of lolita covers from all over the world. the last one above is the edition that i have!

{found via cup of jo}


winona forever.

reality bites is quickly moving up the list of movies that i've seen the most amount of times. i think that i've watched it three times so far just this year!

ps. i want those sunglasses!

articulos gráficos.

beautiful prints in great colors from spanish design firm su turno. i really like how they use some many different media to create the design; marker, watercolor; block prints, color pencil, cut paper, but they still have a cohesive feel.

{seen at oh joy}


crystal stilts.

1977 meets 1968 in 2009.

string figure.

i love harry smith's experimental films and his extensive collection of american folk music, basically he was an all around genius. which is also evident in these string forms that somehow i had never seen before!

{found via royal quiet deluxe}


in the glow.

it's always amazing to me when a new species is discovered and jellyfish have always astounded me because they live without a brain or a heart. so when i read that a new jellyfish species had been discovered i was really intrigued. apparently it's pretty big for a new discovery, 5 inches!, but it hadn't been noticed until now because it's also incredibly fragile and shatters as soon as it touches a net! insane.