what wonder.

sometimes i forget just how amazing the world is and it's really cool when i get a reminder.


tour de face.

this years tour de france is almost at an end. it's pretty much the only sporting event that i care about, maybe because it does only last a month. i'm so excited to watch the finale this weekend. go garmin! go thor!

{bike beard man via abc}


attention san francisco!

my friend took a picture of this billboard at valencia and guerrero off of 16th in s.f. and I WANT IT. while it's pretty impractical for me to get a billboard shipped across country, i'd at least like to know who the artist is, so that i may harass them into making prints of it!!!

this bites.


a man on the moon.

last night i went over to whitney's house to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission. we watched the moon landing on tv and it was really exciting. i clapped.

{hasselblad photographs via nyt}



with all of the ridiculously bad/annoying/terrible things that keep happening to me, i'm ready for keyboard cat to play me off at any moment.

{god i want that shirt}