here comes the summer!

hey guys, i made this mix for my friend jackie, but i've been listening to it tons the past week so i thought i'd share it with everybody! it's got lots of summer-y, feel good-y, dance-y type songs. a little bit of soul, a little bit of punk, a few newer songs and lots and lots of 90's alterna. it's great for working in the studio, driving in the car, boomboxing in the park, and just generally lovin' life [if yr into that sorta thing]. click the cover to download and enjoy! xox.

featuring: the undertones, paul simon, the anniversary, otis redding, smashing pumpkins, tommy james and the shondells, huggy bear, the wedding present, etc!

{image from one of
the slides in my collection.}



layered wax, from keetra.


my mimaki.

speaking of digital printing, here's some samples of the patterns i've been working on lately. they're on a silk/lyrca blend and printed on the mimaki fabric printer at school, which is totally awesome. i'm still working on two more designs and figuring out some scale and color adjustments {who knew i liked magenta so much?}, but in the next 6 weeks i'll be printing 20 yards of fabric, and then transforming them into magical garments to be worn in tragic times!