two more.

two more shows in new york that i would love to see. thankfully i should be able to get them all in during one weekend!

cai guo-qiang at the guggenheim. i saw video from his 'explosion events' while in berlin last year and as soon as i saw the words 'gun powder drawings', i knew that it had to be the same person. the videos were really beautiful and we watched them many times over.
'black rainbow'

his installations look to be pretty awe-inspiring as well.
'head on' 99 life-sized replicas of wolves.

the other show is at moma's PS1. entitled 'wack!: art and the feminist revolution'. the exhibition spans the period of 1965 to 1980 and includes 120 artists and artist groups.

both shows are up until the middle of may so i've got time.

no chemical crazies.

i have been making a huge effort to cut out extraneous chemicals as well as high fructose corn syrup from my diet in order to eat healthier and not get cancer. as a vegetarian i usually check labels anyway, but since my 'ban' i've noticed that they put hfcs in pretty much everything; breads, cereals, sodas, and even salad dressings and condiments. ugh. i'm not too much of a big soda drinker, but when i do get the urge i've been drinking boylan's natural cola instead of coke. it tastes pretty different [think cola flavored candies] but their rootbeer is spot on.

yum. they use only cane sugars, essential oils and are not too fizzy, which is a problem i have with other sodas [i know it's gross, but i like them almost 'flat']. also their caffeine is derived from coffee beans, but unfortunately it still makes my brain feel like this:



here's a tulip to match your eyes.

since my valentines day flowers came and went, i decided that i wanted to keep fresh flowers in my bedroom at all times. last week i picked up some pink and yellow tulips from whole foods and it really makes me happy to see them every time i open my bedroom door.

i have two vases. one is really tall and skinny and square, and the other looks a bit like the one above. pretty classic styles that seem to fit most stems pretty well. maybe someday when i've got an extra 200$ lying around i'll be able to get an aalto savoy vase. it was designed by finnish architect alvar aalto in 1936 for a competition at the paris world’s fair. my favorite part is that he entered anonymously under the pseudonym “eskimo woman's leather breeches.” they are still mouth-blown and hence pretty expensive. but it sure would look beautiful on my bedside table filled with white lilies.