the secret word is FUN.

seeing pee wee on broadway for the second time tonight! i'm really excited! it's so great! i'm preparing to laugh a lot and scream real loud. and if i don't see you before the weekend, felix nabeeblah everyone!


forever's gonna start tonight.

is it weird that i feel like tonight is the start of the new year? goodbye moon, hello magic.


not naughty.

i'm really looking forward to the holidays. just gotta watch out for krampus.

via my sister.}

a visible manifestation.




i'm currently obsessed with red hair.

{my personal collection


pure beauty.

throwing three balls in the air to get a straight line.



i got some awesome work-related news today so here is a picture of a chipmunk shoving a peanut into its mouth.

{more here}


another world.

this doorknob is so magical! as you approach it you catch a glimpse of what appears to be another world, waiting for you to enter and join, but in fact is a reflection of the room on the other side of the door! so cool.


how memory works.

hi guys! i didn't disappear! i just got an awesome job where i'm busy a lot. it's cool, sometimes i put images and things over on my tumblr. it's mostly stuff that i want to remember, like; cool art, hot dudes, weird photographs, stuff i'll never buy and cats in parkas. check it out!

houdini's eyes.

did you know that houdini died on halloween day? and that for a decade after his death his wife, bess, held a séance on october 31st in order to contact him? apparently shortly before his death, houdini made a pact with bess that if he could, he would return and make contact with her from the other side. they devised a coded message that only he and she knew, but after 10 séances in 10 years, bess had not received her husband's personal message. here is a recording of bess at her last séance in 1936.

{image via houdini himself.
the full staged recording 
of the 1936 séance}



let's hear it for the grrrls.

"You may think from these photos that I want to kill you. I do not. It is just my regular face."

long live tavi.


might as well face it...

you're addicted to stripes. wood wood dress at totokaelo.


shadow people.


 my friend ted is a cool genius and he directed this video for dr. dog. it was filmed at one of the best places on earth, the holiday skating rink. you can see a bunch of my favorite regulars and it's so beautiful that watching this makes my heart swell and my eyes well.


buckle up, we're wayward bound.

sorry i've been so absent. just fully enjoying these last fleeting days of summer.


crazy to exist.

"the softness and fragility of baby animals caused us the same intense pain."

party on!

kris chau is running a '15dollaholla!' sale where up until september 7th, you can request any drawing that you want (black&white/8.5x11) for 15 bucks! this wayne's world homage is what she did for me! i'm so excited to hang it in my new house!


happy 90210.

here is a fake polaroid of brandon walsh sitting on the beach.


chantilly skeleton.

with a reminder from laia, i went back and re-checked out the amazingly beautiful givenchy couture collection and saw these great reverse shots that somehow i missed during my first look.


romantic reverie.

nureyev's island home on the tyrrhenian sea.



chapter 1:

she was listening to gershwin and eating dinner on the roof after a good day at work.


things are happening!

Vicious Hotel - Sid Vicious

as of this saturday chelsea and i will be neighbors. pretty amazing.

{image via flickr}



this was the best, weirdest, most intense movie i've seen in a while. recommended for the not-so-faint-of-heart.


be my b.

happy birthday my love.


kool thing.

start bande à part, wait ~12 seconds and mute it. then start simple men. enjoy.


split image.

"if i can talk to someone for just five minutes, five vital minutes, i feel i can carry on the myth of being a full person, but any longer and i would be shown up as an empty, worthless nothing… all colorless and shrinking, invisible." - anthony perkins


spectrum of light.

i've seen 4 rainbows in the past 2 weeks. good things are happening.


friday night.

 watching the andromeda strain and drawing flowers. the usual.


i really like this necklace by dotoverdot. the little bars are adjustable to change the look of it.

{via totokaelo}



how come no one told me that chicago is TOTALLY AWESOME??!! it's so scenic and clean and i had such a great time and ate so much good food. i can't wait to go back someday, but for now i've got other big cities on my mind...

banana peels we've slipped on and egg shells we've tippy toed over.

this weekend i'm going to chicago to see the reunion of cap'n jazz, one of my all-time-favorite bands. and i'm. SO. EXCITED!

{cap'n jazz set list
via bob nanna's




ready for the weekend.

have a good one!

hammered bronze.

here is another necklace that i made. i've been wearing this one a lot lately.


blood heat.

it's summer. it's hot. i love it. after a long morning of job searching, i'm just about to go on a bike ride and then cool off inside and listen to this while i eat an icecream treat. happiness.

{1900s thermometer
via erie basin}


just one of the many wonderful things i was a part of this past weekend.


love life.

the past month has been amazing. thank you world.

{painting by becca man}