panton pad.

the verner panton furnished and designed spiegel publishing house in hamburg, germany.
panton designed the entrance area with courtyard and lobby, the canteen and the bar areas, the swimming pool for the employees in the basement of the building, the rooms for the editorial conferences and the lounges, as well as the colour schemes for the hallways of the administration or editorial highrise buildings. all designs were his own – lamps, textiles and wall claddings, only the furniture had to be ordered from knoll international according to his contracts. the specially designed mirror lighting used on walls and ceilings was of major importance. while the swimming pool area was destroyed soon afterwards by a fire and the entry and lobby saw major redesign in the 1990s, the canteen has so far remained in the original version.
that swimming pool is killing me. and those chandeliers! the carpet! the ceiling!!!


andy wyeth.

andy wyeth died today. the entire wyeth family's work has surrounded me throughout my life. my great grand uncle is howard pyle, teacher to andy's father n.c. and owner to the boots used in this painting. my mother grew up in chadds ford right down the street from n.c. wyeth's house and studio. jamie wyeth hung out with my uncle and his friend taught my mom how to swear. my grandmother used to work at the brandywine river museum and knows more about the paintings there than she was allowed to tell. i associate the wyeth's with my mother's side of the family and with my grandmother especially, this just reminds me that she's in her 90's as well. rest in peace, andrew newell wyeth. sigh.

{if i had to narrow it down
i would say that
garret room [above]
is my favorite
andy wyeth painting.
if you get a chance
to visit the brm
and see it
in person
i highly recommend
that you do.
it is stunning.}


the small object.

the small object is run by local savannonian sarah neuburger. she makes cute clothes pin people, stamps of doodles, kraft paper stickers and these adorable embossed reply notes! it seems like she takes part in the savannah market bazaar and i can't wait to see her goods in person!

no es fácil de entender.

rebekah del río covering roy orbison's crying in david lynch's mulholland drive.

eight line poem.

i was tagged by royal quiet deluxe to post eight interesting things about myself. well, hmm...

1) i started this blog almost one year ago! i was working at an architectural firm with a lot of downtime and needed something to keep me engaged and inspired. a place to keep and share all of my favorite images. now voyager was born!

2) i own five pairs of prescription glasses {i rarely wear any, although i should}, four sewing machines {only one works}, three herman miller eames chairs {creme fiberglass shellchair, blue fiberglass/vinyl armchair, and a blue fiberglass/vinyl version of the lcw} , two baby blue typewriters {royal cursive aristocrat and brother charger} and one bicycle {bianchi pista, chrome}.

3) i have never had an alcoholic beverage or smoked a cigarette or any of that stuff. it just doesn't appeal to me. i'm also not a fan of coffee or tea! however i love fruit juice {100%} and am currently obsessed with northland's cranberry/blackberry.

4) i have now voyager tattooed inside my lip. i also have two blue nautical star tattoos on the inside of my wrists. when i was 19 i had my septum pierced. i want more tattoos, but probably won't get any and i definitely don't want any more piercings {still have two holes in each ear.}

5) you can call me catherine, katie, cat, cake, coco or kt and i'll know you're talking to me. {just don't call me cathy, because that's my mom's name.}

6) the top ten most played songs on my itunes are:
song to the siren - this mortal coil
graceland - paul simon
cold hard world - daniel johnston
bye bye baby - mary wells
1. - panda bear
sweet thing - van morrison
my kingdom - echo & the bunnymen
llorando - rebekah del río
age of consent - new order
it's a man's world - james brown

7) i have a b.f.a. in printmaking and bookarts and i'm currently working on getting my masters in textiles. the moment i graduate someone should hire me to draw and design beautiful things because i love to learn and make and do.

8) before i die i want to see the aurora borealis, stand at the edge of the grand canyon, swim in the sea off the beaches of greece, and ride on the back of a motorcycle. if, somehow, i could do all four at once...that would be perfect.

{picture by marialuisa}


turn into something.

this is the cover for the animal collective's forthcoming album merriweather post pavilion. no it's not moving! focus on one portion and it stops. i love love love it! {maybe that's why the initial run sold out of all 4,500 copies immediately, and the vinyl may actually chart on billboard.}

what comes next?

if you didn't know it by now, tavi is an absolute genius.

we rule the school.

i picked this book up at a thrift store a while ago. i didn't just buy it for the great cover, i hope that it will also come in handy as well!


fashion forward flying.

whitney over at string posted a great link to a collection of flight attendant uniforms from the 1960's onward and all over the world. the colors, patterns, scarves and designs are unbelievably amazing. it's total eyeball-overload!

{all images courtesy of uniform freak}

remembrance of things past.

"as soon as each hour of one's life has died, it embodies itself in some material object, as do the souls of the dead in certain folk-stories, and hides there. there it remains captive, captive forever, unless we should happen on the object, recognize what lies within, call it by its name and so set it free." marcel proust, contre-sainte-beuve 1954

{photographs by mike flem}

the sound that makes the world go 'round.

motown records began as tamla on january 12th 1959 - making it 50 years old today! celebrate by heading over to fullundie and reading up on the history of this pivotal record label and download a few amazing motown compilations.


pica pica.

one for sorrow
two for joy

three for a girl and

four for a boy

five for silver

six for gold

seven is a secret never to be told

eight is a wish and

nine is a kiss

ten is a bird you must not miss.

seeing a single magpie is bad luck. to ward off misfortune say this rhyme or greet him with "hello mr. magpie, how is your wife?".
{two magpie drawings from the feather book}