eight line poem.

i was tagged by royal quiet deluxe to post eight interesting things about myself. well, hmm...

1) i started this blog almost one year ago! i was working at an architectural firm with a lot of downtime and needed something to keep me engaged and inspired. a place to keep and share all of my favorite images. now voyager was born!

2) i own five pairs of prescription glasses {i rarely wear any, although i should}, four sewing machines {only one works}, three herman miller eames chairs {creme fiberglass shellchair, blue fiberglass/vinyl armchair, and a blue fiberglass/vinyl version of the lcw} , two baby blue typewriters {royal cursive aristocrat and brother charger} and one bicycle {bianchi pista, chrome}.

3) i have never had an alcoholic beverage or smoked a cigarette or any of that stuff. it just doesn't appeal to me. i'm also not a fan of coffee or tea! however i love fruit juice {100%} and am currently obsessed with northland's cranberry/blackberry.

4) i have now voyager tattooed inside my lip. i also have two blue nautical star tattoos on the inside of my wrists. when i was 19 i had my septum pierced. i want more tattoos, but probably won't get any and i definitely don't want any more piercings {still have two holes in each ear.}

5) you can call me catherine, katie, cat, cake, coco or kt and i'll know you're talking to me. {just don't call me cathy, because that's my mom's name.}

6) the top ten most played songs on my itunes are:
song to the siren - this mortal coil
graceland - paul simon
cold hard world - daniel johnston
bye bye baby - mary wells
1. - panda bear
sweet thing - van morrison
my kingdom - echo & the bunnymen
llorando - rebekah del río
age of consent - new order
it's a man's world - james brown

7) i have a b.f.a. in printmaking and bookarts and i'm currently working on getting my masters in textiles. the moment i graduate someone should hire me to draw and design beautiful things because i love to learn and make and do.

8) before i die i want to see the aurora borealis, stand at the edge of the grand canyon, swim in the sea off the beaches of greece, and ride on the back of a motorcycle. if, somehow, i could do all four at once...that would be perfect.

{picture by marialuisa}

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