moveable family feast.

add young ernest hemingway to the long list of people that look like my dad.

{picture of hemingway
and his new bride

martha gellhorn
on their honeymoon
in honolulu, 1940.
found at exit lines}

many rivers to cross.

{stills from this is england}



i love chuck {and blair} and i love this still from the last episode. it reminds me of this duerer painting.

sigh. i don't know if i can wait until january 5th. love hurts.

here comes the sun.

sundial snail, found off the coast of the tiny south pacific island espiritu santo.

tiny bubbles.

charlotte x. c. sullivan mixed ink with soapy bubbles and let them dry on paper. neat.



garfunkel's favorites.

art garfunkel also keeps a book list. in fact he's been keeping track of every book that he's read since 1968 and as of 2007 he was up to 1,023. in the past 4 years i've gotten to 135 and i hope that i can reach the 1,000 mark during my next 40 years. i'm working on creating a list of my favorites, but until then you can check out art's.

while searching for a nice garfunkel image i found the about picture which is from a performance piece by niall henn. henn, posing as garfunkel, encouraged the audience to choose books from garfunkel's favorites list for him to read aloud. visitors passed their selections up to garfunkel-henn, who rejected each in turn and instead read and re-read watership down by richard adams, which is, in fact, one of my favorite books of all time.

{found at ruffly}


"I had never realized how bad my posture is," she writes. "It has always been that way. … [I]t's not only that my shoulders + back are round, but that my head is thrust forward." The journals are largely comprised of lists, ways to improve herself, books she should read, chronologies. They give evidence of a fierce and unrelenting campaign to work on herself as an intellectual, as a woman, as a mother. "In the journal," she writes, "I do not just express myself more openly than I could do to any person; I create myself." She was 24 years old.

susan sontag's reborn: journals and notebooks is definitely going on the list for next year.

{book quote and review from slate}



i saw these chairs covered in amazing mokum fabric over at design sponge and it reminded me why i decided to go back to school. i want to create beautiful things and i can't get bogged down with the roundabout politics of grad school and forget that.

sit & stay a while.

when one of my friends comes over he always bypasses the couch and sits in my eames shell chair. this is why. wonderful, wonderful.
{found at kitsune nior}