i would love to have a pocketful of whatever these wonderful things are.


golden hair.

i totally flipped when i saw this comb dress from martin margiela artisanal spring '09. i immediately cut it out of my wwd and pasted it on the 'this is awesome' page of my sketchbook.

{also seen at geometric sleep}

friday on my mind.

i actually think about both of these things pretty often.

{thought bag by dallas clayton}


to here knows when.

this is the kind of day i'm having.

{by snarah via uuiuu}

this person changed my life.

maybe he could change yours too.


portrait of the artist.

james joyce by berenice abbott.

cake un-ltd.

i spent most of last night searching through job sites looking at available surface design positions and desired qualifications and i got so so excited and so so scared! i have a meeting with my advisor this afternoon to talk about my classes and just how i can learn everything i want/need to while i'm here in grad school. all this thinking about post-graduation has me wishing for some nice business cards to hand out to future employers...but what to put on it???

pattern enthusiast?
creative thinker?
color lover?
future surface designer extraordinaire?
i'm really nice and cool and i'll draw beautiful flowers and other stuff for you if you'd like?

hm, maybe that's too wordy.

{i forget
where i found
this best and
most thorough
business card

frame the face.

everyone knows that aretha franklin's inauguration day hat was fierce and i've been seeing it popping up on various people's heads all around the internet. i found one small compendium of this mini-meme. here is my favorite:

cats, a portfolio.

sunny-land pandora and saroyan by clare turlay newberry, foremost illustrator of cats and kittens. i wanna tug that fluff tail and squish those neck rolls!


pale clouded light.

photographer blake gordon has documented the effects of light from buildings on low hanging clouds.

{via BLDG}