r.i.p. paul.

dear paul, i love you and your movies and your sockarooni sauce {and the hint-o-mint newman o's!} also, that one time that you were on leno and you ate a spoonful of the newman dog food to show that it wasn't made from crap ingredients...that was awesome. you are already missed.


pretty pain.

brazilian designer alexandre herchcovitch teamed up with band-aid to design these insanely pretty, uh, band-aids. i love that they are circles, the little "spot" ones were always my favorite. if i had to use one to cover up each of my current mosquito bites, i would have to use the entire box! at least then i would look like a very fashionable leper. unfortunately, i think that they are only available in brazil.


geometric sleep.

i've never been one to follow too much high fashion, as i am more of a wash-and-wear type of girl. however, lately i've been loving laia's geometric sleep blog. she always finds the best {and craziest} designs from the runways. and while we might not have the same fashion style, i'm really into her style of writing: lots of rants and raves! reading her blog is like having a really cool friend to gab with about what's ugly, what's amazing, and what you wish you could afford!

i'm really into this skirt and the necklace is so great. yeah.

i LOVE this.

record envelope.

whenever i'm out thrifting i have to 1) keep myself from looking through the 45s 2) {after looking at them anyway} keep myself from buying the albums purely because i like the sleeve that they come in. well, now i can better keep myself away by living vicariously through the record envelope gallery. it's a good thing for me, my wallet and my lack of space, that i haven't come across some of these because they are wonderful.

{found over at the superb hi + low}


carl's in charge.

this is carl. he sometimes hangs out in our backyard. he has beautiful coloring and bright blue {crossed} eyes. i love him.

new addition.

just picked up this beauty yesterday. i wasn't planning on getting another chair, but i saw this while peeking around on craigslist and it was just too good of a deal to pass up. after a good scrubbing {it was pretty filthy} it fits right in. it even matches the sister chair that's in the bedroom! cheap+blue+classic design=had to have it.



i scream, you scream,

we all scream for ice cream! i've had a banana split EVERYDAY for the past 5 days. it's great. vanilla ice cream, fudgey brownie, sliced banana, rainbow sprinkles, and hot fudge! mmmm. being a grown-up is cool.

glass houses.

the mies van der rohe farnsworth house before and after the recent flooding in the midwest. the water rose about 18” above the floor level.