r.i.p. paul.

dear paul, i love you and your movies and your sockarooni sauce {and the hint-o-mint newman o's!} also, that one time that you were on leno and you ate a spoonful of the newman dog food to show that it wasn't made from crap ingredients...that was awesome. you are already missed.


  1. i love that he was married to his wife for 45 years. not many actors can follow suit these days.

  2. i was so sad to hear when paul newman passed away. i thought he was a really great guy and had some awesome products that i loved. his sauce is A++.
    plus, the hudsucker proxy is my favorite movie of all time.

  3. lee- that's why i chose that picture. i love him and his wife.

    zia- it's bumming me out every time i open the fridge. :/ hudsucker proxy was grreeaaat!

  4. this photo is SO SO SO beautiful. wow. you chose such a great one.

    also, i'd LOVE to write about name tattoos--could you email me? xoxoxo

  5. Awesome picture of the both of them. I'm so sad. He will be missed for so man reasons.