goodbye levi.

levi stubbs, lead singer of pretty much my favorite soul group ever, the four tops, passed away yesterday.

best bench.

an amazing bench in the backyard of one of one of savannah's more well-to-do citizens. it's kind of hard to tell from the picture {and from peaking in through their fence} but it must have been at least 8 to 10 feet long!

little red stuga.

knitting hasn't completely won me over yet, but i love this knitted mountain from swedish design firm little red stuga. it's 2 feet tall and represents the tallest mountain in sweden, kebnekaise.


socorro sucks!


i'ts been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnggg week! the weekend starts today and i only have about 100 things to do in the next few days, which these days feels like a light load.

{image by loretta lux}


gimme shelter.

i'm feeling a little better, but i needed a binding break! i should have just kept on truckin' with with projects because looking at the internet is dangerous...i want this dress at jumelle SO BADLY. i even like how the model is all..."are you serisouly gonna pay a whole month of rent instead of buying this perfect dress that you'd wear everyday with everything? ew."


i woke up this morning with a pretty bad headache/migraine. ugh. good thing that i get to spend most of today working on wire naalbinding! i'm sure that staring at this all day:

won't be hurting my eyes at all. boo to that, because i've actually started to get the hang of it and my form is coming along nicely. i just don't know how ruth asawa does it.


park pattern.

kris found inspiration in nature. i love the result!

harmonic progression of broken hearts.

rick, charlie, emil, tom, steve, cris, rick.

{by 9 0 0 0}


flowers for hella.

"at least your colleagues give you flowers when you have something to celebrate. that never happens if you're a designer. who'd want to ruin a perfectly good vase by putting flowers in it?"

shape note.

i recently found out that savannah has its own sacred harp society. i've enjoyed and appreciated the style of sacred harp/shape note ever since i got harry smith's the anthology of american folk music {which i highly recommend} and i really want to go to one of their meetings, but i'm too nervous to go by myself!

{images taken from the documentary 'awake my soul'}