no language, just sound.

ok. this might be the best cover of any song of all time. maybe? transmission is one of my top favorite joy division songs and you can tell just how amazing it is by how well it translates into a...calypso tune. i want it to be my ringtone! it's so great. here's the original for comparison.


oh, hello beautiful.

dear surface to air oxfords,

i've been in love with you ever since i saw you in wwd back in winter. you were calling to me with your perfect shape, gorgeous blues and incredible sense of style. however, i knew that you were out of my league and i could never afford you. and then, lo!, i see that you are on sale and i breathlessly click to see if you can finally come into my life. but no, you still cost $300. why do you do this to me when you know how much i want you?!



fly away.

i love these stills from tilt and lift, two short films by fiona tan. i wish i could find videos of them online somewhere! i'll send out some nice mail to anyone who can!


killer clothes & fine cuisine.

luxirare is my new favorite blog. not only does she make incredible clothes and insane food, she has some of the most beautiful photographs of both.


pierrot le fatigué.

i'm not ready for monday.

{pierrot le fou}



rain all last week. thunderstorms all next week. but today it's nice and sunny.

{solaroids by jeff mclane}