marsala, 18-1438

when i saw what Pantone had announced as their 'color of the year' for 2015, i was a little more surprised than i thought i would be. i knew it was going to be a color that referenced the '70s (although it also brings up visions of the '40s for me, which i love), but my personal pick would have been something closer to the light sea foam turquoise shown alongside 'marsala' in most of the press materials. i'm definitely partial to blues and have and sometime have 'trouble' feeling adverse to things that flare orange, so i thought i'd go through my collection of inspiration files and see where i really stood on it. turns out i actually had quite a few images that evoked 'marsalla' and it really is quite beautiful. i think that the important thing for this shade is that it maintains an inner glow, to keep it from looking too dull and earthy. think oily rothkos, snakeskin leathers and light shining though film stock.

lesage. chanel.


cozy winter layer wonderland vibes.

these beautiful warby parker glasses from their new 'concentric collection', which releases today! soft whisper grey with a hint of blue zing. a little bit of luxury and a subtle dash of color is basically my winter layering style goal.

this two-tone cashmere fendi coat/cape/combo. softest of the soft. warmest of the warm. i will never own this, but a gal can dream can't she?

a replica of the sweatshirt that tonya harding wore in 1994, post nancy kerrigan scandal. a nice little piece of graphic design history, plus it looks like something beyonce would wear.

these 'regina' jeans from swedish brand dr. denim. they're basically pajama jeans and they're glorious.

blue marl camp socks from the from the last remaining sock mill in vermont, which means they are coziness incarnate. i always do like to match my socks to my glasses.

these ilse jacobsen rub 2 boots are the only thing i bought on black friday (from OAKNY) and i haven't cared that it's pretty much rained everyday since then. 


black checkered paint over the flowered pink wallpaper.

i LOVE seeing stuff like this, such a great iconic room. i bet that being a set designer on a teen show would be a goddamn dream job. i felt the same way when i saw 'this is our youth' on broadway earlier this year.



kid + kind needs to make this in adult sizes.