the guest.

i took advantage of our not-so-snowy snow day yesterday to watch the movie 'the guest'. it had been on the top of my list for months now, and somehow i missed it when it was in the theaters for a hot second.  it was so so good. first off, it looks amazing. the pacing is perfect and it's a little goofy and a little terrifying. cousin matthew is (and looks) really great and it has a cameo of my forever crush, ethan embry. also, the soundtrack is amazing and i've listened to it on repeat 3 times already today. all 'round recommended.


spring forward.

as soon as the holidays are over i immediately start longing for spring. part of that includes boycotting winter clothes, against my better judgement and physical comfort. here's my dream outfit for these barely above freezing days.

a black motorcycle jacket, because it's the no-brainer best transitional jacket for all time. a nice warm oversized sweater in one of my current favorite colors. a double-up layer with a cat-face cardigan (duh). a full twirly skirt in a springy floral. bright blue suede-y pumps that you definitely couldn't wear if it was slushy out. the cutest ice-cream cone shaped bag that portends of the sweet beach-treats soon to come. a hot pink lip in pretty much the only velveteen shade i don't currently own. and, finally, nothing says "it's always summer in my heart" than topping off a winter outfit with sunglasses.


dream baby.

i can't stop listening to roy orbison. can't stop. for pretty much the past…2 years. i could listen to 'blue angel' over and over again (and i have). i read a quote saying that his voice is “the cry of an angel falling backward through an open window.” and that really sums it up.


golden hunger.

david bowie & catherine deneuve